MAC Style Warrior Haulerz

So, I am officially on a BEUTY BUDGET.
When walking into the MAC store, for the Style Warriors collection, I wanted to buy SEVERAL things (meaning, almost the entire lot) lol! But I refrained, and bought only what I felt I needed.
I also got two MAC HK lippies that they had left!! w00t!

MAC Hello Kitty Lipsticks

I didn't take swatches, because I am going to sell this one- how many more pinks do I really need? LOL!
Price: $20 plus S&H email me if you want it (first come, first serve).

Big Bow

Very unique hot pinky-coral with a blue/violet iridescence.

Two Nail Lacquers

Violet Fire- Bright Creamy Magenta Purple (frost)
& Mercenary- Frosted Blackened Bronze

Natural Lighting:

Swatched on white paper:

MY FAVORITE of this collection: Solar Bits

MAC Pro Website:
Highly condensed clusters of pigment and pearl uniquely formulated to give a special hit of frost and colour on eyes and cheeks. The pigment’s special clustering formula provides the choice of two application modes. Swish the brush over the top of the clusters for a sheer shimmer or crush them for more intense colour effect and sparkle.

Impassioned- Frosty Cool Taupe

Bronzescape- Clean Yellow Brown with Gold Pearl

Bronzescape contains more "chunkier" clusters than Impassioned<--which is more smooth.

Lustre Drops
MAC Pro Website:
A bronzer that applies like liquid sun. Water-based, beautifully smooth to apply with added pearlized lustre. Inspired by the popular M•A•C Face and Body FX. Provides sheer, natural-looking highlights with a luminous, shimmering finish. Limited edition.
Sun Rush- Peachy Bronze with Gold Pearl
I used this as a highlight today, and I LOVE it!!
Reason why I skipped the other two:
The pink Lustre Drops (Pink Rebel) was just NOT showing up on me. The darkest one (Bronze hero) was just toooooo orangey for my taste.

Reminds me of those Puffy Paint tubes!! lol

Pretty sheen, eh?

I only bought ONE eyeshadow- and I was soooo proud of myself, because I was tempted to get Bright Future (the yellow one) & Night Manoeveurs (the darkest one)- but I am on a strict budget now, so I got SOFT FORCE instead.
I already have Vibrant Grape & Tempting.

I LOVE lighter colors, I am always on the hunt for a limited edition MAC e/s called GOLDBIT- I think it's going for like $40 on ebay which is wayyyy to high- so anytime MAC comes out with a light color, like this one, I grab it right away.

No Flash
No Flash
Soft Force- Frosty Pale White Gold (veluxe pearl)

Style Warrior Lipsticks

Okay, first of all, I don't like the packaging of the actual lipstick tube itself.
I wish the whole lipstick tube was covered in zebra or leopard print.
When I asked my boyfriend what he thought, he said one word, "Rite Aide"

When you open-up the tube, you can see the pretty zebra and leopard print on the part you use to twist up the lipstick- so that's nice I guess.
Left: Brave New Bronze- Creamy Mid-Tone Pink Nude (satin)<-- feels more like an Amplified or Cremesheen IMO.
& Right: Purple Rite- Mid-Tone Frosty Orchid (frost)

Now I have tonnnnns of looks to do!!!


Irisa Xiong said...

omg the sheen is too pretty.
such a good haul! i kinda want to get one of those lipsticks for myself now.

sokpoprocks said...

wow nice haul! i bet you're gonna have so much fun playing with your new products!(^-^)

sanniet said...

aghhh! I got the lippies from this collection! Brave New Bronze and Sunsational! I can't wait to try them out <333 that lustre drops is very interesting hrmmm... I'll probably go to MAC and try them out =D

I'm on a beauty budget too....even though I just spent like $50 on BBcreams...haha x_X any recommendations?

Jules said...

Great haul Whitney! I'm so tempted to get those lippies...I'm loving the colors. ^_^

noone said...

cool I love those packaging for the warrior style!! And that hello kitty is engraved on the lippy!! Awesome :)

Jem said...

great haul!

congrats on being able to resist the temptation

so you are on a shopping diet?

jooLee said...

the packaging is sooo nice!

Unknown said...

soft force looks sweet! thanks for the swatches >)

Anonymous said...

i love the things you got! :)
i'm going crazy trying to find that perfect gold eye shadow that you can just wear alone. any suggestions?

wuzzyangel said...

Is it bad that I still have yet to use any of the 4 lippies & 3 glosses I bought from HK?! LOL!

Great swatchies as usual!! And great buys!! That Lustre Drops gives such a nice bronzey summer sheen!

♥sormui♥ said...

O i luv the leapord print packaging!!

Edna said...

Purple rite was actually on my wishlist, its so dark! Do you like it much? Do you have lavender whip & Fashion mews?

Kristina said...

I have been waiting for this collection for quite some time and I can't wait to purchase it either this upcoming week or next week!

p.s. love the tunes on the page!
MGMT-Electric Feel is one of my fave songs!
Also your playlist makes me want to dance every time I hear it!

Jasmin said...

awesome new products ! ! ! love the colors.

Chomfifi said...

brave new bronze lipstick caught my eyes! i need to check out this collection!

Sassy J'adore said...

I can always count on you posting up new MAC products and swatches. =) Love it. I'm not sure if I'm going to purchase any more makeup atm, but great stuff. =)

izumi said...

thanks for ALWAYS havin swatches, honey<3 i love it!

HK! ah, man. i don't remember what strayin' looks like. look at you though, hahahaa pickin it up to sell. you entrepreneur :)

i LOVE those nail polishes! or lacquers..

VERY pretty pigments. especially the second one.

brave new bronze is GORGEOUS!! absolutely gorgeousssss.

YingX said...

nice haul.

Gennny_fromtheblock said...

great haul hun. & awsome swatches

KRYSTAL said...

omg! LOVEEEELYY HAUL!! *drooolsss* ahaha!

donnarence said...

your haul always rocks!!love the lippie in big bow.. soo unique i agree,, :D

Crystal said...

ooh great haul! i'm not yet sure if i'll be getting any from this collection though since i don't buy much MAC.

Jennnyy. said...

i am SO jealous of your warriors haul D:

Tina A. said...

Excellent haul! I so wanna see Brave New Bronze on you, it's the only lip product I 'm thinking of getting! :) xx
And I 'm probably also getting the Etude Vip lippies thanx to you! ;)


Anonymous said...

Q_Q What a gorgeous haul! Ahh, if I weren't on a makeup diet too (since I ordered quite few stuff from BonBon Cosmetics), I would go out immediatley to grab some Style Warriors goodies, hehe...

I love the e/s Soft Force. Frosty Pale White Gold sounds good! I'm sure, it would work on me very prettily. :p

Well, we'll see... maybe I can get it in a few weeks (if it's still available then). *hope*

Rai said...

Love your haul! You got a lot. lol
I'm on a beauty budget as well. =[

Sarah said...

Ooooh those solar bits look amazinggggggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MEii said...

great hauls love them!!! ♥
gawsh, i wanted to get big bow from the hk collecton but they're out, lucky u!

fuzkittie said...

Can't wait for your tons of looks! Hehehe

HT said...

Whit, you have much better willpower than I do!! I try soooo hard to stay away from these collections, but I always cave. I just feel tempted because they're like collectibles to me, you know? Sigh. It's easier for me to stay away when it's not in cute packaging. :)

miRaCLe said...

nice hauls!!
can't wait for your fotd with them! :D
congrats for resisting your temptation for more! :p

hollyannaeree said...

nice haul! i wanna get that bronze solar bits! i got the lighter one of the 3 and i loveeee it!