Love from Jenn, Skinfood, Missha, & Etude Haulerz.

JENN!!! I was shocked when I got your package! I had no idea you were sending me something!
Thanks so much girl, you are the best!! I've never tried The Face Shop products so I am really excited about these!!


Anyone ever tried this??

Goodies to make me fat. YUM! haha

Love note!!


Ebay Store Name: Healthy Skin Care Shop
Ebay Name: skinfood2you
Excellent customer service, fast shipping, included extras! A+ (go check them out!)

After reading Kathi's (LotusPalace) review on Etude House Precious Mineral Collection, I knew I had to get my hands on the Precious Mineral BB Cream #2 Sheer Glowing Skin.
She said it's more suitable for dry skin (even though I am combination) the color is darker than #1.

More of a "liquidy" BB cream.

Still pretty light in tone- but the dry-down is nice and comfortable.
Sheer to medium coverage.

I also order the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in #23 (because it's darker).
Fuz's review tempted me!!!
I ordered 50ml and they sent me two tubes of 30ml. So I got more (60ml)!

I think my love for Missha BB Creams continues to grow because these are the darkest BB Creams that I have found yet.

And the most NATURAL looking BB Creams that I have ever tried.
Missha is my top fav for sure!!

Nice finish, can't even tell that it's makeup! Just nice skin.

Etude House Pore Erasing Peach Base
I love PEACH anything!!

cute packaging!!
Smells like peaches!! Yummy.
It's hard in texture, so you have to warm it up in your hands.

definitely lightens the skin.

skinfood2you sent me extras!! (love samples!!)

Can anyone read this?
Anyone ever tried it? I'd love to know what it's for! Feels like a salve/lip balm.

I also won a Skinfood BB Pact for like $10 bucks!
My first asian-brand skin pact (compact)- love it already!!


It got messed up :(

This is like a full coverage! I love it!
#2 is darker than #1.
Nice, smooth finish!! Can't wait to try it!


Vanessa M. said...

wow so many goodies!

LipStick Staiin said...

haha you love asian products! i dont realy know how to use these thingies n havent found a bb cream for my skin tone yet... lovely huals.. you're soo loved n spoiled! how nice of jenn... xoxo


Crissy said...

BB cream? I am such a noob lol

I'm gonna go bookmark the ebay store XD

KRYSTAL said...

ahhh lovely goodies you received! and loveee the haul! esp the bb cream!

Laura L said...

aww, lovely goodies, cant wait for your review. hmm, which one u love the most among all the items that u received?

Jasmin said...

Awesome stuff ! the products look great ! I need to try some of those BB creams.. I keep hearing about them. haha

Chrissy said...

Awesome goodies!! Seeing everyone trying out these BB creams makes me want to give them a shot. :(

Catherine said...

WOW - so much stuff to try, how exciting! Thanks for the recommendations on sellers too! A couple of my friends are interested in BB creams and I'm definitely interested in Etude House products! :D Can't wait to see more detailed reviews from you. LD

donnarence said...

one envious lady here!! wow bb creams.. i definitely love this haul.. i am drooling over your missha perfect cover and that aloe sun bb pact looks good.. waahh

wuzzyangel said...

How sweet of Jen!! Oooh I see a HK Chupapop! :)

Dang girl your BB Cream collection must be growing!! LOL!! Thanks for all the swatchies!! :)

izumi said...

ooooo jenn's pretty freakin awesome :)

WOW bb collection.. ahaha. you're crazy girl. i love it though :D

Unknown said...

wow these are a lot of goodies. I stiull havent tried any BB products. Everyone talks about and i need to know why everyone likes it lol. The Etude House Pore Erasing Peach Base sounds promising. I like the packaging too..

lindah said...

I finally got my hands on a BB cream! :D I'm so excited to try it out! lol xD

ectini said...

Thanks for checking out my sale (: If no one else is interested, I'll def. drop the price... I'll save it for you (;

CherryColors said...

Omg, you make me droll with all these BB creams..
I think I got something for them, since I tried my first one (not too long ago)...

you lucky lady ;)
The nose cream (the one you're asking if anyone has tried it) looks nice, it's a mask for the nose area?

hevn said...

Whoaa, lots of goodies, love love your purple look btw, I've recently bought The Faceshop's white mud nose pack and it works pretty well to me so I actually like it quite a bit.

The eyelashes that I usually wear (you asked me once about them) is also from the Face shop. They are pretty cheap too so you might want to check them out the next time.

I'm wanting to get the EH precious mineral BB cream too but it's not out yet over here, they handed out the samples only, lucky you.

I also boughtthe Peach pore eraser and Skin food's BB cream (not the pact) some time ago last year(?) so I would love to see what's your review about them too.

Take care!

♥sormui♥ said...

luv ur haul!!! makes me wanna buy MORE bb creams! haha

beeyoutiful7 said...

im glad you like everything i send you =)


Anonymous said...

I looooooooooooove the intense purple eye. So pretty!

Unknown said...

hi I would like to find out your honest opinion on the bb creams ... and how you like the face creams from other country's I am scared to try , but need a simple face regigm and they seem to have it , and rap it all up into one product which is so inviting, i thank you in advance and hope to here from you
georgia from ohio i am on you tube as mypinkrainbow also , have a pink rainbow day