JW Cosmetics- Brush Reviews

So here's part 2 of my JW Cosmetic Review.
I'm so glad you found my previous entry helpful (that's what I'm here for!)
This will be a review on JW Cosmetic Brushes- one's that are IMO, worth buying!
Some are pretty duplicatable to other brands!

Super soft! Great for powders!!
Highly recommended.
Price: $13.99

Not very soft.
Makes a great body brush for bronzers, highlighters, etc.
Price: $15.99

506 Circular Foundation Brush
Very very soft.
A little flimsy, so I wouldn't recommend this for foundation.
Excellent highlighter brush (for MSF's, etc.)
Price: $12.99

Right to Left:
MAC 187, JW Circular Foundation, & MAC 188

Right to Left:
MAC 187, JW Circular Foundation, & MAC 188

MAC 187 vs. JW Circular Foundation Brush
MAC 187 is way more dense, making it the perfect foundation brush.

JW Circular Foundation brush is super soft, and makes a great highlighting brush.

660 Large Angle Crease Brush
Dense, not very soft.
Applies concealer very well.
Price: $8.99

634 Blender Brush
Soft, blends okay.
Price: $8.99

MAC 217 vs. JW Blender
They kind of look similar, however, the MAC brush is more FULL and fluffy.
Left: MAC 217 & Right: JW Blender

Side Views
Left: MAC 217 & Right: JW Blender

632 Eye Shader Brush
I love this brush!
Highly recommended!!
Price: $7.99

MAC 239 vs. JW Eye Shader

Left: MAC 239 & Right: JW Eye Shader

Side View
Left: MAC 239 & Right: JW Eye Shader

630 Smudger Brush
Not as dense and pointed as the MAC 219.
But it is a good brush for cutting-the-crease.
Price: $7.99

MAC 219 vs. JW Smudger

Left: MAC 219 & Right: JW Smudger

Left: MAC 219 & Right: JW Smudger

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Makeup World said...

I could use some new brushes. Thanks for your recommendation on exfoliating. How much does the bottle/container cost? J/W

Whitney & the full effect said...

Hey hun, Medi-Morphosis costs $38 for the normal size. And $15 for the travel size. I can swap you for a travel size if you want :)

Sarah said...

Oooh I would love to have a million brushes like you :) they are all sooooo gorgeous!!!!

K said...

Ack! You've made me want to start hauling!!!!

♥ Nehs ♥ said...

they really look like MAC brushes! me too, I would love to have lots of brushes like you. great haul Whit!! :)

LipStick Staiin said...

nice review! most of them r not too soft huh... i dont have much brushes.. i dont have name brand brushes either =[ bsides the MAC SE collection i won from a contest...


Chrissy said...

Gosh. Now I just really want to go and get these brushes!!

fuzkittie said...

Very professional!! So many brushes, hehehe

lindah said...

I heard sigma brushes are great mac dupes you should try some out and tell us how you feel lol :)

Whitney & the full effect said...

where do you get sigma brushes?

KRYSTAL said...

wow! love the review girl! thanks!

Crissy said...

i'm gonna have to keep note of this! thanks :D

izumi said...

is that good for contouring? i need a new brush for contouring :( mine isn't looking so happy.

wuzzyangel said...

Thanks for the review Whit!! I just wanted to say how much I appreciate all the work you put into your reviews!! With swatches & multiple angles like this one! <3 You!!

mszcheysser said...

Thanks for introducting :) Since I'm from Guam - I am totally out of the loop! And they're much more affordable too! YAY

Unknown said...

I guess I am a couple of years late :/. You mentioned that you love the J.W. 632, I was just wondering if there are any big differences between this brush and the mac 239, ie density? Does the 632 pack on color well? Thanks soo much!!

Whitney & the full effect said...

Hi Amanda! In this post, I show the difference of the MAC 239 and the JW 632 (just look at the photos)... to me, nothing beats the mac 239 but I do find myself using the JW one quite often because YES it packs on color! :)
just not as luxurious as the mac one.