Update: So hannasbeauty on ebay just told me the prices of some of these- what do you ladies think:

KATE highcover pressed powder USD13.8

KATE diamond cut eyes USD13

KATE gel liner USD12.8

Coffret D'or full keep gel liner USD26.85

From here, all the price are in Japanese Yuen, because I don't have Canmake products, so I found those price from local shops.

Canmake four shiny eyes JPY714=(almost)USD7.2

Canmake Glitter Eyes JPY609=USD6.15

Canmake liquid shadow/base JPY735=USD7.42

Majolica jeweling eyes USD16.25

Aube Couture Cream/Shadow liner USD30

Fasio Gradation Deep Eyes USD12.55

Integrate Accent Eyes USD15.99

Majolica Lash Enanel mascara USD12.6

HAHA- I lem WAY TOO much stuff.
Yes, it's ridiculous- I LOVE getting advice from all of you on where to shop!
So thank you thank you thank you

So I have a few lemmings going on at the moment.
If ANY of you know where I can get these at super cheap prices
IF YOU HAVE ANY OF THESE to sell (for inexpensive) or, SWAP (please check out my sale for my products)- PLEASE PLEASE let me know!!
I also have tons of MAC stuff not listed (so let me know what you're looking for)!!

Email me: WhitneyKrainock@gmail.com

MY Current Lemmings (thanks to LotusPalace!! lol):

Majolica Majorca Jeweling Eyes: RD784, PK785, VI782
Aube Couture Cream & Shadow Liner: #3
Fasio Gradation Deep Eyes: I-7, I-3
Integrate Accent Eyes: VI710
Majolica Majorca Lash Enamel Glamour Mascara
Canmake Liquid Shadow & Base in 03 Baby Beige
Visee Brilliance Forming Eyes: A-2 & A-4
Cosme Decorate AQ Palette in 019
Kate Diamond Cut Eyes in BR-2 & Special Edition DARK DIAMOND (from adambeauty)
Coffret D'or Full Keep Gel Liner GY-05
Canmake Four Shiny Eyes: 02 (choco-mint) & 04 (berry compote)
Canmake Glitter Eyes: 03 (chocolate brownie)

(Where can I buy all of these at discount pries??)
Nail Polishes:
OPI Hey Get In Lime!
OPI Go On Green
OPI Gargantuan Green Grape
ORLY Green With Envy
ORLY Green Apple
Essie Greenport
BarryM #304

And check out this really awesome MAC video (great contest idea):


K said...

The cheapest way to get them is in Japan. But honestly, imomoko prices are quite reasonable.

Here are the prices over here:
Majomajo, Fasio, Integrate, and Kate eyeshadow palettes are around $15
Visee forming is around $18
Canmake is cheaper (can't remember off the top of my head)

Shipping from Japan to the US is expensive - around $20 for a 4.5 lbs package

izumi said...

wow! wish i could help out and get some for myself in the process xD you can try ebay?? i got my MM palettes there.. but i have no idea. and i'd better not look, or else i'm going to break my no buy! ><;

bunny said...

for cheap OPI nail polish, try www.brightonbeautysupply.com.. it's like 5.95 each.

Kimmy said...

For cheap OPI & ORLY try www.premiernailsource.com

fullypetite said...

for super cheap nail polish i'd recommend head2toebeauty or 8ty8beauty. the former is slightly more expensive but their service is better (the latter is a little ghetto, takes longer to ship, but it's still legit. i've used both, but now i mostly use head2toe cause the prices are only more expensive by 20 cents.)
i have majolica majorca lash expander, not lash enamel glamour, if you're interested.

Winnie said...

Unfortunately you can only get OPI and Barry M in the UK out of your wishlist...wish I could help a bit more though!

Mona said...

8ty8beauty.com use to sell opi for cheap (around $4.50) but the site is currently down :(

lindah said...

check out head2toebeauty.com for nail polishes :D and transdesign.com. I'm not sure if they have the ones you want. Sounds like you're looking for a peppermint pattie dupe lol

lindah said...

oh I just checked -- head2toebeauty.com has green with envy, green apple, and greenport :) I'd be delighted to grab you a nailpolish from ulta with my millions of coupons I have right now xD which ones is on your top list?

wuzzyangel said...

Aww Whit.. I wish I could help you out, but I own none of those! :( Good luck though! :)

Nonners said...

Hey Whitney! Actually DSK sent me a link to your A Rose Romance video yesterday, and I really liked it! When I get more money I'd like to get more into doing cool makeup, and your blog is high-quality... so you're leaving me with no choice but to follow you! :)

Edna said...

I think for the nail polishes for a discounted price, try ULTA, they usually have buy 2 get one free OR if you know someone who has a cosmetology license, they have access to discount stores and can get products for more than 1/2 off. Hope this helps!

Following your blogger :)

pandablush said...

i wish i could go to japan too ;_; in australia there is a japanese store but they jack the prices up.. omg. its like double. so i get them through internet >_<
hehe thanks for the packages hun! i cant wait to receive it <3

Laura L said...

hi dear, Malaysia sales japanese makeup in a fair price i think, but canmake is jack up, and the items are limited at here too.
other like fasio, majo majo has better price and cheaper when there are sales!

Naomi said...

Hey sweetie! I have access to Can Make stuff here in Korea. It's not as cheap as getting it in Japan but it could be cheaper than the US. If you could tell me how much each items are in the US, I'll check if it's cheaper here. :)

Unknown said...

hi whit,

thanks a bunch for following my blog. i am so glad you did--because your blog is a treasure trove!! i LOVE makeup, everything about it, learning to put it on.. wow. thanks, thanks thanks. your blog is amazing!

much love


Bijin Blair said...

Your wishlist is LONG!!! I want some Majolica Majorca palettes too, I'll have to check the counter soon!

noone said...

That's a sweet video you posted. MAC always have crazy colors and look so great on models. And yeah I dunno where to purchase those make up for cheap :( But there's that huge Sephora Palette on sale for $22 right now hehehe

BeautyRx said...

Hey... I got your pkg on Saturday! THANK YOU!!! I'm really loving the brushes and I can't wait to try the samples! :)

I didn't read the comments...but you can try http://www.8ty8beauty.com/nail_polishes/opi.htm for some sweet deals on opi nail polishes.

HairMakeupTalk said...

when u say discount, how much did u want to pay for the OPI? i can look and find out for you

aquaracer said...

for nail polishes, try transdesign.com

sorry, i wish i could be of more help, but i don't own any of those.