Hauls, Gifts, & Candies- 0hMy!

Okay, so I got home from work and I had three packages waiting for me.
I was so tired but this put a huge smile on my face.
Gotta love that feeling :)
I worked at an ULTA today in La Jolla, and there was a World Market right nextdoor-
I've been craving Japanese Candies, since Izumi sent me some in our swap.
I was so excited when the SA directed me to the aisle of international candies- lol.
Hi-Chew is definitely my favorite right now- it totally beats American Starbursts!!

Anyway, enjoy reading :)

Peach Gummy & Grape Gummy
YUMMY!!! Hi-Chew (thank Sarah for turning me onto these- can't get enough!)
I really want to try the Blood Orange flavor but they didn't have any.

I couldn't find the SODA CANDY (you know the fizzy ones?) so I got Mitsuya Cider- when I read the word "cider"- I thought of Wyder's Peach Cider (my all time favorite alcoholic drink). I figure, eh, maybe this will be a little fizzy since it has the word cider in it! lol
Sure enough it is, I am currently sucking on a MITSUYA PEACH... it's delicious!

Okay so I always see swaps with Pocky being exchanged.
I have NEVER had Pocky. AND OMG I am so glad I got some!!!
The Strawberries and Cream is to die for!!! yum yum yummy snack!!

My favorite gummy bears are Haribo Gold Bears because they are a little harder than the average gummy bear- lol- it's true but I like them better this way.
I also got one of my all-time favorite chocolates- Lindt Lindor Truffles- friggin amazing.
I HATE cheap chocolate, now if you are a chocolate lover like myself, you know what I mean by "cheap chocolate"- this is so rich and creamy and ahhhhh- just go and get some right now. You know you want to ;)

GIFT from my one of my BBBF (Best Beauty Blogger Friend) LINDA!!!
I sent her some Cosmedicine samples and she was kind enough to send me something back!
Girl, this was totally unexpected (except the hint dropping you did! lol)
Go check out her blog now- this girl has mad makeup skills and is such a sweet heart.

In one of my previous posts, I had a wishlist of OPI's Nail Polish in Gargantuan Green Grape- and she friggin got it for me!!! I love this color so much!
Since I never got my hands on MAC's Peppermint Patti, I've been on the HUNT for a good dupe.

She threw in a Beauty Blender Sponge- I have been DYING TO TRY THIS SPONGE!!! OMG OMG OMG thanks sooooo much babe!!! I was jumping around and my Nana kept looking at me like, "it's just a sponge"- lol but we all know it's much much more than "JUST A SPONGE"!

Love note from my Linda.

In my NAIL post, I ask about a good BASE coat for nails.
Mz.Rosie aka DISSOLVED GIRL, highly recommended the ORLY BONDER.
She knows her shit, so I got one at Ulta today, oh yeah, along with ORLY's Mint Mojito Nail Polish.

Left: Orly Mint Mojito
Right: OPI Gargantuan Green Grape

Which one is a better Peppermint Patti dupe?
maybe if you mix them together? lol

Now, onto ONE of my recent Ebay hauls.
EBAY NAME: ianhaze
AMAZING customer service- so kind. Sent me EXTRAS (samples).
AND OH MY WORD, the FASTEST shipping everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
(based in CA) nice huh?

So in my BB cream post, two loveliez:
recommended I try L'egere White Multi BB Cream, because it suits darker skin tones. It isn't dark, however, it's definitely DARKER than my other BB creams. It is much more natural looking. Not cakey at all! I can't wait to start wearing this!!
Thanks for the recommendations everyone, I seriously appreciate it!

YAY!! Finally, a darkER bb cream
Lightens when you blend it out.

Ever since reading Mz.Muse's review on Shiseido Spotcover Foundation, I wanted to try it for myself. She got the lightest shade: S100
I thought, oh the darker one shouldn't be too bad- so I bought S101.

with flash

no flash

super rich, creamy, thick

WOW! It's dark. It would suit an NC35-NC43!!!

Blended out, it's not so bad. The coverage is AMAZING!!

I'm going back to get the lighter one (S100) and I'll probably have to mix the two, but that's fine with me- because the coverage is SOOOOOO worth it.
HEY this shade might be perfect for making BB creams darker (by mixing it). I'll try it out.

no flash

no flash (look at how creamy that is!!!)


eki said...

waa nice haul babe~!!
Im glad you like the japanese snacks~!! you picked out the yummys :)

shiseido spotscover looks really good~!! how much did you pay for it?

paperdollrevenge said...

Awesome haul! Yay for Japanese snacks! My fav gummies are strawberry and mango, you gotta try those next time!

Aww your first Pocky! Keep your eyes open for the Strawberry Dessert Pocky...it's deelish!!

And yay for your L'egere, can't wait to hear what you think of it!

Chrissy said...

Wow, that is a lotttt of stuff! Strangely enough I am hungry now. LOL! It's all that candyyyy

Krasey Beauty said...

Awesome haul, enjoy!

I am such a huge fan of asian foods, especially korean snacks! :-D

sokpoprocks said...

awesome hauls! i love all those candies, theres this store by my place called world market, it sells food from all around the world, and they carry all those candies you listed, i LOVE it.

Anonymous said...

Whit!!!!!!!! You got samples of that Dr Ci:Labo Aqua Collagen gel!!!

I got that as a sample and after my FIRST use, I ran out to Mitsuwa(literally) and bought the jar!

It's the bestest night cream EVER!!!

You'll wake up feeling like you have new skin!

Very very hydrating!

That shiseido concealer looks like chocolate!

Whitney & the full effect said...

oooooohhhh nooooo
more hauls cominggggg


haha lol

izumi said...

japanese candies are the bestttt :) and i can't believe you've never had pocky!! i totally would've sent some!! ah, well. next time :) nice stuff you got though! and those packages :D how sweet!

though i do gotta say.. you have me lemming that foundation and that bb :( :( :( !!!!

wuzzyangel said...

*GASP* A world w/o POCKY?! I'm glad you finally got some!! And Hi-Chews are the shiz!! They sell them at Costco here in variety packs! The Mango is good!! But Grape & Apple are my faves!! And you picked out a great selection of Jap candies!! Haribos are the BF's fave too! ULTIMATE FAVE for him! It trumps everything in his book! LOL!

How sweet of Linda to get you the OPI & Beauty Blender! And great haulage Whit!! MANDOM rocks for me!! And you got the Legere! I haven't tried that one yet!

Thanks for all the swatches!! :)

Kristina said...

I really want to try the BB Cream but I don't know if they have one for girl's of my skin tone. Do you know if there is a BB Cream for African-American girls skin tone?

NEssa said...

Such a wonderfull haul!

Pocky is fantastic my fave is the strawberry too lol

. •·.·SweetLisi·.·• . said...

oooooo girl totally get calpis candy. thats my fave. i love japanese candies and pocky.. i have mandom. 85% of the things you posted i have. this is awesome.

donnarence said...

that shisheido spot cover looks perfect!!! :D esp. the color.. i really have a hard time looking for a shade like that.. :D

Soapaholic said...

Great haul!!! Drooling over the L'Egere BB and the Shiseido foundation.:)

Lisa said...

Candies!! The concealer looks interesting... Is it by Shiseido's main line? or drugstore line?

Rai said...
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* Jen * said...

You got some great stuff there Whit! =)

Love the candies! I like Hi-Chew too.

Rai said...

I'm totally going in the World Market next time I go out of town to shop. I WANT SOME CANDIES! =D

If you have a Krogers nearby, they have International Snacks as well.
I saw Pocky at mine the other day.

Haribo has the best gummies!!
It's the closest I'll get to get my German gummibears. YUM!

Also O.P.I. has a better dupe for MAC's Peppermint Patti.
It's Hey! Get it in lime. They are IDENTICAL! It's on my wishlist. lol

noone said...

Great packages!! I love japanese snacks and HiChew is actually my FAVOURITE. I love the strawberry flavour. It's like Starburst but less salty and more yummy lol!

Unknown said...

oh my gosh. the candy is making my pancreas tingle with delight. i love those gummi candies!! and the sayings on the front, hilarious.

Laura L said...

i love pocky and Lindth.... omg!
what do u think about the shiseido foundation? is the shade too dark?

Edna said...

YUM. Have you tried the Kiwi gummies before? They're me favorite cuz they have the lil seeds in it!! 3.99 /pack is pretty expensive :( It's usually no more than 2.99 in SF. A recommendation for finding Japanese candies (I used to buy them ALL the time in high school), see if you can find any blogger girls from San Francisco. There's a store called Super Tokio on Clement Street. There's a TON of candies there and of course, there's the Japanese super market in Japantown. I'd totally grab some candy packs for you, but I don't live there anymore :( *BIG CRY*

Can't wait til you try the Legere Multi White BB cream! I love it!!!

Janelle said...

Nice hauls! Omg I love those Hi-Chew candies! Yumm.

I'm *this close* to buying a tube of Legere BB cream. So tempting. Can't wait to see a FOTD of you wearing it!

LipStick Staiin said...

thats a lot of stuff! i like how u did the swatches for the bb cream! mMmm pocky.. those r soOoo goood! lol xoxo


Nessa said...

Nice haul! I was wondering if you ever got a chance to mix the L'Egere BB and the Shiseido foundation. I'm and NC40 and I'm really curious to see if it works well :]

Unknown said...

I love orly bonder it is truly a perfect and in my opinion the best base ever , it really keeps your polish on , and the high gloss top coat is alright , but i use a basic generic top coat and it works perfect to keep my manicute on for at least 2 weeks , which is awesome
thanks for sharing
georgia from ohio