DSK Jewelry!! + Reviews!

Stephanie, from DSK Jewelry sent me a love pack, because I won her "Guess my age in this photo" contest. lol. She's adorable no matter what age she is...she's the cutest thing ever! I love this girl.
I also ordered her Pegasus+Heart Necklace because I've been lemming one since she posted her pictures of them. This is the most unique necklace i own!!!

The Love Pack

She sent me masks!! I am obsessed with these now!!

Japanese Candies, always a plus.
Nana loved the coffee flavored candy.
And I need to represent DSK business card- friggin awesome!

LV Teddy Bear Charm!!
How cute is he? I named him Louie!
I put him on my phone for now; but I think I might put him on my key chain.

Look at his Blingin' collar!

Onto my favorite part.
I got the amethyst heart (because it's my birthstone)- and Steph picked out the Pegasus pendant- GOD I AM IN LOVEEEEEE!
If you haven't order yet from Steph- click here now!!!!
Picture heavy, because I wanted you all to get a good idea of the necklace from different angles.

I was sooo happy and proud to represent DSK Jewelry in this photo!
(haha, CHEESY, I know!)

Skinfood's Sugar Bloom Shadow Box #2- natural
I used the first and last shade of this palette.
Lately I've been into just all-over shimmery eyes w/dark liner and lashes.
Classic, simple, clean, and easy look.
Remember how I said I was disappointed in the last shade of this palette?
I said it was chalky, but I take that back- in this look I am wearing that last shade all over my lid and underneath my lashline and I LOVE it!! It applies much better with a base underneath.
I used the first peachy-pink shade on my highlight (brow-bone).

NYX Felt Tip Liners
WOW!!! I am HIGHLY impressed with these liners.
These are my current HG liners.
Even though the felt-tip pen is a little over-sized, with the right application, you can draw on a thick line (by using the edge) or a thin line (by using the very tip of the brush).
The color lasts ALLLLLL day.
My favorite shades are Extreme Black & Dark Brown.
Jet black is way too sheer in my opinion, and not worth the purchase.

Also wearing NYX cream blush in Glow!
Perfect everyday shade.
Wearing my favorite MAC #10 Lashes (MAC PRO only).

This look was created using the Fasio Palette in I-3.
It's a beautiful, wearable, everyday palette.
I used the first shade ALL over my lid.
The two middle shades in the crease.
And the last shade to deepen the crease, as well as go over my liner on the bottom waterline.

Shiseido Majolica Majorca:
Lash Expander Frame Plus
First of all, I have NEVER in my LIFE, found a mascara that holds my curl (after using an eyelash curler).
Also, I've never found such an amazingly LENGTHENING mascara.
This one truly truly truly lengthens and holds curl! I promise.
I'll admit, I was definitely hesitant at first when I saw the brush, it's very odd looking.
I am used to the typical mascara brush, but this actually applies the mascara even better.
If you buy this, you WILL not be disappointed. I'm serious.

Wearing NYX cream blush in Glow.
I've been wearing this every day!
ugh, excuse the breakouts on my chin.

See my NYX felt tip liner? I love it. So easy to apply and stays put-
doesn't even smudge one bit.

I had no idea my lashes could look sooo long!!! AHH my new HG Mascara:
Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus!!!

Tommy's birthday was on Friday.
I made him a cake and it turned out way too moist (because I took it out too soon of the oven), so when I started putting my homemade icing on it, the cake started to break up. LOL
It was a kitchen disaster- but Nana and I had some good laughs. :)

Tommy, thank you for being such an amazing friend.
Love you!!
The disaster cake- but it was very yummy!


sternchenslove said...

The necklace is cute! And I definitely try the NYX Liners. You look pretty!

wuzzyangel said...

Whooo whose that sexy wearing Stephs necklace?! It looks great on you!!

And thanks for all the reviews!! Now I gotta check out those NYX Felt liners. I suck at liquid liners, and a felt tip helps, but others I've tried never held good.

And ahh the infamous MM Mascara!!

Your cake looks fine woman!! Yummo.. now I want cake!LOL!

Jasmin said...

love the necklace ! ahhh.. i keep hearing about that mascara ! I so want to buy it..

izumi said...

that necklace looks fab on you :DD

OOOOO yay i got MM mascara in my swap xDD so excited to try it now! though i have been seeing it on major blogs for awhile, hahaha. you got yours so cheap! :<

NEssa said...

Your so pretty! I love your eyes ^_^.

That lil bear cell charm is so cute!

Anonymous said...

LOL!! the disaster cake! haha!

the LV teddy is soo cute! XD

KRYSTAL said...

niiice necklace! that lv teddybear charm is cuuuute!

miRaCLe said...

pretty necklace! ^^
i hope i can find the nyx liner here in singapore :p it seems too awesome to be missed! LOL.

the cake looks super yummy!! ^^


Anonymous said...

lol i think your cake is super cute :P

Edna said...

Aww, I want the mascara now. :)

Unknown said...

the necklace is beautiful and i love ur LV bear!!!!!

DluxEdition.com said...

You have such pretty eyes!

Unknown said...

oh, that necklace is gorgeous. I love it even though it is pink... and that cute little teddy... plus I like that blueish/purple tee that you wear on the pics with the necklace.

Anonymous said...

Awww, you baked a cake for your friend's birthday!! n______n That's awesome. Nana looks like such a sweet lady. I dunno, I always feel endearment towards the elderly, probably cos my parents are old as well :) Steph is so sweet for sending you such nice things. The amethyst heart looks sorta fuchsia on my monitor, or is it just me. It looks cute either way :)

Narita said...

I love home made cakes because even if they're not perfect looking as bakery ones, they taste sooo good! The icing looks yummy!
I've gotta try majo majo mascara soon!
I too have stubborn lashes. :)

fuzkittie said...

Yay for MM mascara!! YOu look gorgeous with your lush lashes! :D

aquaracer said...

MM mascara is really HG material!! love it too.

we all love dsk pieces, right? ;-)

sokpoprocks said...

yay for love packs, and yay for DSK jewelry!

your eyes are so pretty, now i must go and find some felt tip liners

your cake looks yum-o! now i want some chocolate cake!!!(^-^)

Anonymous said...

Cute necklace!!

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justltee said...

Love the lashes on you Whit! Damn, I should've gotten the Extreme Black felt tip liner. NYX confused me with the Jet Black and Extreme Black...how the heck was I supposed to know which would be darker? D'oh. LOL

sindylicious said...


I got that mascara too and it is wonderful! I also have the base mascara, it is working well together.

Audrie said...

Very pretty DSK necklace that you're rocking! Love your look as well, very classy looking :) I need to get some of those NYX felt liners!!

And happy birthday to your friend :)

Kristina said...

Steph's necklace looks gorgeous on you!!! I have been wanting to make a purchase but with starting a new job and everything, I had to wait, but I will be sending an order to her soon!

Happy Birthday to your friend and I know the feeling of taking the cake out too soon. Next time, poke it with a toothpick or a fork to see if any batter comes out when you lift it out.

Loving the look on you too, Whit! Also will have to give the NYX felt tip eyeliner and the mascara you mentioned a try.

Dana Yoshimizu said...

The necklace looks so prety! I can't wait for my order to come in ^__^

Stephanie said...

awww whit! The necklace looks great on you!!! thanks so much for the sweet shoutout!! I'm glad you like the LV bear!! congrats on winning lol

Dona Brown said...

Very enough necklace of DSK that you rock! Worship its look also, to look at very elegant:) I should obtain some of those NYX he felt packet boats!!
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