Coach & Dior. So glam.

Guess what my boo brought home from Vegas?????
A Madison: Sabrina Patent Leather Handbag!!
How fab is this bag?
I feel bad carrying it around. I just want to keep it safe in it's protective pouch.
The gold detailing sends shivers over my spine!
The smell is just shockingly yummy, and you can transform this, to wear in two ways.
Joe picked the color- he says "I like how it's neutral, it'll go with everything."
He knows his stuff!! He has amazing taste.
I LOVE YOU BABE (he reads my blog) THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING SO GOOD TO ME- Forever and always sweetie!!

1st way

transformation begins...

2nd way

I've NEVER done a "WHAT'S IN MY BAG" post.
So I figure this would be a wonderful time.

My wallet (from Joe's mom- she got this on sale at the Viejas Coach Outlet sale)

My Ed Hardy Sunglasses (LOVE these!!)

My Keys in my fafi pouch (gave one to Eki too for winning my contest)

Paul Frank Skurvy Key Chain (my tattoo on the back of my neck)

My cell-phone (pink Venus)

Haha my wallpaper is Joe in his suit! Lookin' mighty fine babe!

Gum and MAC's A Rose Romance Fragrance (already half-way done! I need to get some more)

My makeup bag.

Yeah, I carry alot.

Urban Decay De-Slick Blot Powder, MAC Blot Films, 129SH (fafi edition)

Eyeko: Touch Up & Go Concealer, Touch Up & Glow Highlighter

Fragrance samples (my favorite Angel by Thierry Mugler & Lil' Angel by Harajuku Lovers)

MAC: Select Cover-Up Concealer NW-25, 190se, & LORAC Double Feature Concealer

Brite Smile to go pen

URBAN DECAY: 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencila in Zero & Yeyo, & Dar Duo (for false-lash touch-ups)

B&C Fullaura Eyebrow pencil, Diorshow Iconic mini mascara (sometimes I actually FORGET to put on mascara & brows when I leave the house), & MAC Brow Set in Beguile

MAC: Prep+Prime Lip, & See-Thru Lip Colour in Loving Touch (been using these two every day)

Mini LipFusion XL (I really need a full-size tube of this), & ModelCo clear lip gloss (this stuff smells amazing and it isn't sticky!)

MAC: Gentle Simmer Slimshine (one of my HG lippies), & Lavender Whip Lipstick

NYX Brush-On Gloss in Lilac Fields, & MAC Lip Pencil in Little Tease (discontinued)

MAC Dazzleglass: Smile, Money Honey, & Baby Sparks

MAC: Plushglass in Foolishly Fab (discontinued), & Lipglass in Virgin Kiss

So my Aunt Aprile gave me my (really) late birthday present, a gift card to MACY'S.
Better late than never! lol
So I got the new Dior quint "All-In-One Artistry Palette" in 708

new and improved packaging :)

how cute, a guide to where you should place the "couleurs"

swatches (enjoy!!)

natural lighting:

My lady friend from Malta (hi Lara!!) sent me this palette because she saw that Dior palettes was on my wishlist! How sweet, Lara I love this vintage Dior quint! Thanks so much!!

670: Clubbing


ectini said...

Lovely bag :D and great post! I've never done a "what's in my bag" post... think I'll do one too hehe (;

Semi Permanent said...

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mszcheysser said...

Your boo is so sweet to buy you that! I like the second way better! Great "whats in my purse". :] You sure carry alot of makeup inside! ♥

I like the design of the Ed Hardy sunglasses

wuzzyangel said...

Wow that's a great bag!! Versitle & trendy! Joe does have good taste!! Brownie points for him from me! :)

And dang girl! I though I carried a lot in my bag!! LOL! :)

Thanks for all the swatchies!! I want another tattoo... :(

wuzzyangel said...

I forgot to say...


gbbylnscc said...

omg.. that nyx gloss is so pretty =D i wonder how come ive never seen it before :/

GiGi said...

I love your posts!
Love the bag!
Love the pics!
Love Vegas!!!

Anastacia said...

WOW! I like how looks your hand bag! Such a gorgeous stuff!

Kristina said...

Love your bag!!! Your guy definitely has good taste and has good fashion sense =] That's how I always feel with a new bag... Never want to mess it up. Seeing how versatile the Madison is, it's making me rethink about whether not to purchase one.

Lots of products in the bag, but I am the same way...Just in case I have to update or change the look during the day.

Love the Dior purchase also...Please say you are going to do a tutorial on it.

Katrina said...

Nice post!!

Your man is such a sweetheart to get you that HOT bag!!! Its gorgeous! The color is perfect! I totally know what you mean by feeling bad carrying it around. I breathe easier knowing my bags are in their protective baggies! hahaha

I love your "Whats in my bag" part. You carry an amazing collection of makeup with you, everything is a must have in my book!

Anonymous said...

I heart your bag=)

NEssa said...

Love you bag and love the post, I always like the "whats in my bag" stuff lol.

DluxEdition.com said...

Love the bag and all the make up!

I'm addicted to handbags! :D

. •·.·SweetLisi·.·• . said...

niiiiiiice. =D love it. omg, i love your fafi pouch, ya have another one for me? hehee. great post whit. =D xoxo

Anonymous said...

I love your white bag! Soo pretty! ;)

The DIOR 5 Couleurs Designer palette you chose is a really basic neutral one, hm? ;) I must get more palettes, hehe...

Chrissy said...

I love the bag, it's so pretty!! And the best part is the color, you can use it practically anywhere!!

Wow, you carry around a lot of stuff! Hehe.

* Jen * said...

A pretty bag for a pretty lady. =D

Your boyfriend is so sweet!

K said...

Wow, your man is really sweet!

I love how you have so many lip products in your makeup bag!!!

donnarence said...

sweet!!! the lippies you carry are really nice.. pink looks great on you.. btw, the shades is uber nice!!

sokpoprocks said...

*drools* I LOVE YOUR BAG!!! and the contents(^-^)

Kimmy said...

Lovely bag...really nice...great post of what's in your purse!

John said...

pink venus sounds more like a porn star's name than a cell phone.

Whitney & the full effect said...

thanks for sharing john.

jilliandanica said...

that bag is soooo cute! the color is beautiful and i love the fact that it's convertible. your man sure knows how to pick them or i guess you sure you know how to pick you man!

Jennnyy. said...

i LOVE looking at what's in your bag posts and i DEFINITELY love your new bag. it's the one i wanted, i'm so jealous!! :D

and btw thanks for following!!! i followed back :D

Tara Cabullo said...

The BF is sooo sweet! Your Coach bag is sooo pretty! :D I love all the contents of your bag, too :D

BTW, I always like the music playing on your blog. My most favorite was Luna by Smashing Pumpkins :D

Lily said...

nice bag!! your boyfriend does have good taste!

Unknown said...

wow, you carry all this stuff with you every day???

your bf is definetly one to keep. the bag is soooo nice.

jooLee said...

cute purse! looove coach!!

noone said...

oooh LOVE your new coach purse! And your Hardy sunglass is so bling!!

John said...

my pleasure, whit! i'm here to help.

Unknown said...

so i am jealous of your coach bag. i want one one of these days! lol a real one! LOL

love ur blog sweetheart!

Catherine said...

Oooooh, so sweet of your SO! He has good taste!!! Love the stuff in your bag and especially those rockin' sunglasses! SO COOL.

aichaku-愛着 said...

i love that coach bag, been meaning to get that design. u have great makeup in your bag! :D

Stephanie said...

that is one cool coach bag! your bf is such a sweetheart!

sindylicious said...

great pick for the Coach purse!!

Jo said...

how much does your bag weigh?! hehe

Whitney & the full effect said...

haha this thing is heavy- i need to downsize BIG TIME!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

love the bag! it'll go with everything ;)

woooww dior palette!! looks very versatile, you must do a fotd w/ it!

Anonymous said...

So jealoussssssss! How thoughtful of your boo, the bag looks great though!