China Glaze & Pedi-Of-The-Week

Okay, so I really really suck at doing nails-
All of you rock, and I feel so jealous- I wish I were as good as most of you!
First of all, I have a nasty habit of biting my nails.
So I usually get acrylic nails put on at my fav. nail salon in Carmel Mountain Ranch:
Nails for Her.

I have been doing my own Pedicures to save some extra mulahhh...
I suck, so please, no need to comment and state the obvious.

I just really wanted to show you the color :)

After Joe and I went to The Coffee Bean today, we hopped over to Sally Beauty Supply.
They had China Glaze 2 for $10.
I also needed a cuticle pusher/cutter.

Here's what I got:

For Audrey (been lemming this) & Turned Up Turquoise (Neon)

With Flash:
For Audrey is a cream (love cream finishes) & Turned Up Turquoise is much more sheer

No flash:

POFW (Pedi-Of-The-Week)

(warning: I have sausage toes and barely a pinky-nail! lol)

Left to Right:
Cuticle Pusher/Cutter in one
For Audrey
MAC's Reflects Blue (added ontop of the polish)
Sally Hansen No Chip Top Coat (LOVE this stuff- seriously, helps the color stay on and really- it does not chip!!)

Since I am such a dumby at nail stuffs, any advice is welcome- please help me! LOL
Also, do you really think there is a need for a BASE COAT?
Which Base Coats & Top Coats do YOU use?


Curvy Petite said...

I bite my nails too! I need to put some acrylics on so I stop. i find that useful too! I love to do my ow toes. I normally don't use a base coat but if I do have it laying around, I'd put it on just for the heck of it.

donnarence said...

wahh.. i loove biting my nails.. :D i can't grow it really long because of this habit.. :C

those polishes are super nice.. the colors are so cute..

KRYSTAL said...

i lovee those two colors! good choice! =] gotta get me some of those!

Chrissy said...

I love those colors!!

Personally I don't know about base coats.

Saimese said...

I would have never thought of adding MAC Reflects Blue on top

Unknown said...

you got cute toes!!! I should have purchased that color when I went to sally's. Very creative with the reflects glitter. Looks great!

Whitney & the full effect said...

I LOVE adding MACs reflects glitters on just about everything! lol

thanks ladies- I was so hesitant posting MY FEET on the internet. haha

Chomfifi said...

the color is really pretty!

Stephanie said...

For Aubrey!! SO CUTE!!

sanniet said...

I use to bite my nails! But I've stopped since senior year...COLD TURKEY haha sometimes I pick at my nails though...But you know once you look at your nails healthy and pretty it'll stop you from biting them again! LOL I don't like fake nails all too much >_<

For Audrey is such a pretty color!!! I love light teal-ish colors like that very pretty! =D

I think with nailpolish you should leave a little gap between the polish and cuticle. It'll look more neat =D

Crissy said...

this reminds me ..I need to do mine! i make a huge mess so don't feel like you suck XD you have cute toes haha

Julienne said...

omg my pinky toe is really tiny like yours too, hahaha. My sisters always make fun of mine!

wuzzyangel said...

Wow Whit you do toenails so much better then me!! No lie! I SUCK! LOL!!

For Audrey is sooo pretty!! And I love the way you changed it up w/ the Reflects!

Thanks for the swatchies!! :)

ps. Now I'm craving Coffee Bean!

Anonymous said...

Hi there!
Its my first time landing on your page(u commented me), and I first off get to meet your toes! lol! -=D

That is a pretty summer color!

And Eki totally took 1st place from your contest!!!

miRaCLe said...

i love for audrey too! ^^
brilliant idea on adding shimmer!! how do you do that? :D

definitely use a base coat! it helps to protect your nail and prevent staining on your natural nails! :)

I use base coat and top coat from The Face Shop. I think you can just get from O.P.I~~ :)))

Anonymous said...

lovely colour

Tina A. said...

Wow, I too would have never thought of adding a pigment...this looks fabulous! :)
Personally, I do use a base coat, I think it helps somewhat in preventing the yellow-ish tones that appear when you wear n/p very often... :)

. •·.·SweetLisi·.·• . said...

i simply love nyc's double base and top coat. personally i prefer it better than orly or opi's no chip base coat top coat.. etc.
i cant do my nails w/ out it. it works so much esp. i work at the airport in an office and all i do it typing,filing,handling a lot of paperwork where my nails always hit counters and such. give it a try.

MissGlamTan said...

What a fab ida adding MACs reflects blue on top!!! I must try it! x

noone said...

haha I bite my nails when they get too long, so I always have short nails. Yeah can't say that I'm a nails expert, I just buy pretty colors and apply. LOL!

I love the blues you got, such summer colors! <3

Dissolved Girl said...

You should use a base coat. If you use a good one it helps protect your nails from turning yellow and it give the polish a smooth canvas to be applied to and there for lasts longer.

For base coat I use Orly Bonder. From all the base coats I have tried I find that one to be the best.

As for tips for nail polish application:

-Try not to paint too close to your cuticle.
-When you start painting your nails, start in the middle and then paint the sides.
-Q-tip and acetone is your friend for clean up. I also use an orange stick with a little bit of cotton wrapped at the tip when I need to clean up real close to the nail.
You can also get those acetone pens. They sell them at Sally's and they have some that are reusable. I have not used those yet, The old fashion way for nailpolish clean up works fine for me. :)

I hope this helps! :)

dodo said...

The color of your nail polish is so pretty, haha, i suck at painting my nails too! Hey, thanks for the answer of japanese/western brand makeup!

Hacer Sayıner said...

Whit you're not the only one nail biter ^^,

I used to bite my nails but now i don't fortunately.

I really really love the color


Sofia said...

such kute colors...they look so kute on ur pedi too!!

Winnie said...

For Audrey is such an adorable colour!

I sometimes use a basecoat but if I forget then I use a clear polish. I suppose it helps for cheaper nail polishes but sometimes it doesn't make too much of a difference! I have a NARS topcoat which I love but I don't actually know why I spent so much on a topcoat- but it is pretty amazing and shiny!

lindah said...

I like base coat for my finger nails, but I don't really think it matters for my toes. I think it just helps with keeping the nails from turning yellow :D but a topcoat is a mustt :) and I'm using the sally's fast dry top coat right now but I'm switching to the szeche vite one as soon as I'm done with this bottle! I noticed the nail polish gets on your skin, maybe you should go in with one of those cosmetic q-tips with the pointy ends and take it off with some nail polish remover :D that's what I usually do with my nails sometimes :)

-- and I received your package yesterday :D your moisturizer doesn't smell like nair! I guess mine was an old tube or something! will definitely post a mini review soon :)

Unknown said...

lol so i dont feel bad now sinc i bite my nails too. its such a horrible habit but i just cant stop. my bf smacks my hand when i do it unconsiously lol. Also, im not good with any kind of nail art. I dont really care for my nails, which i should but eh...lol

Btw the nail polish color is soooo pretty on your toes!

Jules said...

I love the turquoise nail colors. You just gave me an idea on how to revamp my nail polish by adding pigment. Yay! Thanks Whitney

mayaari said...

the glitter really makes a difference! I have a non-existent pinky toe as well, lol...using a base coat does help - I tend to wear red polish on my toes in the summer and a base coat helps to keep the nails from turning yellow from darker shades.

Neeyuh said...

I've been totally lemming for audrey and turned up turq. for the longesttt. Aww you have cute toesies! hehe I have a really small pinky nail too I like barely have to paint it lol. I sometimes use a base coat for my toes but I always use a top coat my absolute fave right now is Jordana fast drying I swear it dries in like a minute and totally locks down polish.

Katrina said...

I want For Audrey so bad! It looks amazing!

aquaracer said...

for base coat i recommend using spehora by opi.

for top coat: seche vite!! such a QUICK-dry top coat!! i love this!

xLovelyMakeupx said...

those are really cute colors i really want to buy the china glaze but where they sell them they are $7 a piece idk if i really want to spend that much on one polish