100th Post!

Hey Gorgeous Gals!!
I LOVE reading your comments- they make me smile :)
And I am always happy to do swatches.
If you ever have a request, just email me or CBOX me, and I will gladly be accommodating.
So, last night water spilled on my MacBook Pro (the laptop Joe gave me)... :(
I took it into the Apple Store and they said it would cost around $500 AT LEAST to fix it.
I do NOT have that kind of money- I was sooo bummed.
So, the guy at the "Genius Bar" offered to disconnect my keypads (which is what's being affected the most from the water damage)- so I went to Wal-Mart and bought a USB keyboard to plug in- and now I'm able to type. But now, my laptop is more like a desktop.
My friend Tommy is coming down from Torrance to reformat and install a new hard-drive on my other MAC laptop so I can use that in the meantime, as I save up to fix my MacBook Pro.
I just love my MacBook Pro better because the screen is HUGE- I think it's like 19" or something like that.
Shows you how much I am addicted to the computer. OMG, I feel naked without using it. How sad. lol

So I've been getting alot of reader questions, and I thought a great way to answer them is on a blog post. Because maybe some of you might have the same type of Q's.
Oh, and btw, this is my 100th post- YAY!

Soffee asks:
What kind of Camera do you use?
I use a FujiFilm FinePix S700 Digital Camera (7.1 MegaPixels).

AbcGrrrL asks:
Is your necklace Disney related? (the necklace is worn in the last entry)
Yes! It's called Disney Couture- I guess, higher-end Disney Jewelry. It says "Believe" & it has a little tinkerbell on it. I got it at Karmaloop.com (LINK). I got it for 60% off- they have the BEST sales.

Sher asks:
You work at Sephora?
No, I actually work for a skincare line called Cosmedicine. I go into Sephora's, Ulta's, & Macy's to help train the sales associates on the Cosmedicine products- but also to help sell (brand support).

Lindah asks:
Is the NYX from the anniversary sale? And Tell us how you like the doll eye mascara.
Yes, this was from the 50% off NYX sale! And I tried the doll eye mascara for the first time today and I LOVE IT!

I'm going crazy trying to find that perfect gold eye shadow that you can just wear alone. any suggestions?
I love these kinds of questions! Okay, there are a few to check out. First, I've been wearing MAC Style Warriors e/s in Soft Force ALL over my eye (lid and brow bone), which just black liner and lashes- and I LOVE this shadow- it definitely has a golden sheen to it. Other ones to try are:

Left to Right:
1-Motif (permanent), 2-Soft Force (LE style warriors), 3-Nanogold (LE), 4-Dreammaker (LE but possibly being re-promoted in August), 5-Grand Entrance (LE but possibly being re-promoted in August), 6-Solar White (LE- but it will be a part of a quad for Nordstrom- launching MAY 30th, I believe), 7-Retrospeck (permanent), & 8-Flip (LE).

Left to Right:
1-Motif , 2-Soft Force, 3-Nanogold, 4-Dreammaker, 5-Grand Entrance, 6-Solar White, 7-Retrospeck, & 8-Flip.

Left to Right (MAC pigments):
Blonde's Gold (LE), Melon, & Gold Dusk (LE)

Left to Right (MAC pigments):
Blonde's Gold (LE), Melon, & Gold Dusk (LE)

Left to Right:
Pupa Luminys 05, Pupa Luminys 02, & Collistar 2 Champagne

Left to Right:
Pupa Luminys 05, Pupa Luminys 02, & Collistar 2 Champagne

Left to Right:
Pupa Luminys 05, Pupa Luminys 02, & Collistar 2 Champagne

AbcGrrrL asks:
Purple Rite was actually on my wishlist, its so dark! Do you like it much? Do you have Lavender Whip & Fashion mews?
Yes I have all three. And Purple Rite is DEFINITELY darker, but not as PURPLE as lavender Whip and Fashion Mews- which kind of bummed me out. In my next FOTD, I'll try and do a look with purple rite. :)

Hope this helps ladies!!! :)


izumi said...

melon looks AMAZING.. i gotta get me some of that, hahaha :) congrats on your 100th post hun!!

Whitney & the full effect said...

hey sarah!! melon was actually my first ever mac pigment! it's definitely a must!! :)

Lolita Riot said...

awesome :) thanks for answering! that makes much more sense cause I was told product reps come in every now and then and "train" the workers on the products. sounds like a great job!

Sarah said...

Awww congrats on your 100th post that is so exciting!!! Oh my gosh what a fantastic post, love your answers, the gold eyeshadows are all soooo pretty!!!!! I LOVE Disney Couture too :)

Shantee said...

Congrats on you 100th post! :)

eki said...

Hi babe~ congrats on the 100th posts!! wow Im almost there too XD

Im sorry you got water damage on your macbook pro,, good thing is didnt get in to the hard drive or the mother board that would been really bad >_<

I heart my macbook pro too~btw they are 17inches!! ^__^

Sofia said...

Thanx for the answer whit :D
Have an awesome weekend!!

Cerise said...

Congrats on the 100th post!
You must be feeling a great sense of satisfaction.
Thanks for all the eyeshadow swatches, they all look really gorgeous.

wuzzyangel said...

yay for 100 posts!! Congrats Whit!!

And thanks for all the swatchies!! You always put so much effort into them!! :) I have Gold Dusk! :)

So you work for Cosmedicine huh?! LOL! That explains the love!! :)

? though... The Medi-Matte... Is it supposed to be that thick & sticky? Or am I just using to much? LOL sorry, but it's hard for me to blend my bb cream over it. It does keep me more matte then usual though!! :) Thanks again!

wuzzyangel said...

ps. I forgot to say I'm sorry to hear about your MacBook! :(c

Anonymous said...

WOW 500$ to fix it! You didn't get the apple care? My sister actually bought a MAC book yesterday to get the free 8gb ipod & printer, the apple care was 250$ which is CRAZY expensive but I guess it's worth it for oopsies like this. Btw, the gold e/s are so pretty! I never knew eyeshadow would look pretty just 1 color alone, I would definitely try it out tomorrow. Thanks for the review girl! :)

Kristina said...

Hey Whit!

Sorry to hear about your MacBook Pro. I have one and I know the feeling. Did you get AppleCare? If so I thought they fixed oopsies like that one.

Thanks for all the suggestions on the gold eyeshadows and pigments! I love the color gold with my skin tone! I am hella excited about seeing the shades of gold.

Congratulations on your 100th post! Yay =]

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for the swatches Whit! The new shadow from the Warrior collection looks nice, I'm surprised since I was turned off by the ad (too warm for me) but I want to see more of their collection in person :) I love Grand Entrance, yay!

miRaCLe said...

CONGRATS on the 100th post!! :D
love reading this q&a! ^^

i'm sorry about your mac book pro! i used to use my bf's mac book pro too! i know it's such an addiction! hahas. hope you are able to fix it up soon! :))

Ann said...

hi sweetie.. really sorry about the macbook pro.. 500 is kinda a lot of money to repair a laptop. hope you can get it fixed someway or another..


HT said...

Congrats on your 100th post!!!!

yummy411 said...

great q&a! what settings do find to be best when taking fotd pics in your environment? do you use macro, etc.?

Edna said...

Disney Couture is awseome. I knew it looked familiar :) This is the necklace I'm eying on. hehe


That's a lot of gold toned piggies and shadows!!

justltee said...

Sorry about your laptop!

I commented on your previous NYX post but it never posted for some reason.

I should've gotten the other nYX pen. It looks so much darker! And the other Cream blush looks so nice (Natural)

Thanks for the swatches!


Anonymous said...

oh my...
i think love you!! lol
YOU'RE SO HELPFUL! thank you so much for answering my question. you went ABOVE & BEYOND!!!! what i ever expected! with swatches and everything!! thank you again! (& you also reminded me i had some of those colors already :P)

Shortiee31 said...

Fab swatches! Thanks :)

pinky"the-middle-name-is-princess"beanie said...

Congrats on your 100th post!

Thanks for the swatches. Just wonder tho: are the Pupa eye shadows glittery when applied?