LOL NU NU DOLL you are totally adorable!! Muwahz- she nominated me, wow I am honored- seriouzly. 

Sooo. We are supposed to tell 5 sexy facts about ourselves and pass it on to 5 sexy blogger-ladies. 


1. my false lashes (love love love wearing these and yes it makes me feel like a sexy-ass beast!)
2. my ta ta's (yes i love my boobies)
3. my compassion (i am very sensitive- and I guess that can be sexy?)
4. my blog. (haha my blog is too sexy for your shirt)
5. my left foot (it has a beauty mark on it)- ran out of stuff! lol

I nominate:


Zoella. said...

Awee thanks so much missy! :D x

XPPINKXX said...

hey babe!!!

where the HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL have you been...i thought you were comming to my pow wow in December =(
dont fret im comming back up in june for the IMATS...i dont knwo if your going already but alot of us are gunna be there...so get your but down from SD and come!!! were doing korean bbq later!!! let me know so i can send you an evite

btw thanks for the NOMINATION!!!!


Thi said...


I MISS YOU. Haha, you know there are tons more sexiness about you. :)

God now I have no idea what to write for that award LOL YOU GOOFY ASS :) I love you!

You should've put your hair and your bootaaaaaay :)

izumi said...

i got nominated alongside someone fawkin' hot like pink?? LOL! girl i love you :) and yes, yes your blog is way too hot for my shirt! i love your hair too~

Tashia said...

WOW Whit. For someone who worked for her, I was expecting you to say she was a total Bitch LOL. I love Bitches though.. they know what they want. I think that's such a great experience. Kimora's awesome!

Ps. I love the beauty mark below my right eye, so I feel you! lol

Nampo said...

Aww thank you. That really made my day! Kisses


wuzzyangel said...

Congrats!! You're a ver Sexzy Blogga indeed!! :)

Laura L said...


thanks for following my blog, yah, I did a review on the peach sake series with a video.

your majo majo haul is great. weee, the new eye palette with cream liner?

have a nice day :3