Mehron Palette, Urban Decay Matte Shadow Swatches, & Contest Prizes.

This is a look using my new Dior palette Parisian Lights.
I used Urban Decay's matte shadow in Revolver (in the crease).
KATE's super sharp liner pen, and KATE's gel liner in BK-3 (glittery black- LOVE THIS STUFF- stays put ALL DAY- even in the waterline).
Shiseido Lash Curler with MAC's DazzleLash Mascara.
And for the brows, I used MAC's Lingering Brow Pencil & Sophisticated Brow Set (discontinued but I found it for $9 bucks at my local CCO- holla!!)

Mz. Inan (Shizznizzle)- my fellow VOXer turned blogspotter- *muwah* turned me on to this (kinda pushed me into it after reading her review!! she has a tendency to have this effect on me) lol- I finally gave into the "mehron craze" & bought myself this pastel palette. WOW this stuff is the shit. seriously.

For swatches, I just mixed it with MAC's FIX+ and BAM! Looksie those colours!!

Mz.Yu & Mz.GiGi wanted these swatches and a more in depth review, here you go my lovliez..
Urban Decay Matte Shadows

Heist- Dusty Purple

Revolver- Stone Gray

Cult- Eggplant

Yeyo- Powder White

Left to Right:
Heist, Revolver, Cult, & Yeyo

Naked- Buff Nude (great crease color for us pale ladiez)

Shakedown- Taupe (i would say a DARK taupe- cool tone)

Perversion- Jet Black (excellent to put over your black eyeliner- to set it in place)

Secret Service- Medium Brown (warm tone)

Swatches Left to Right:
Naked, Shakedown, Perversion, & Secret Service

I thought I might entice you some more and add in a few extra goodiezz...

Meet James: Hot Pink with an Ultraviolet Glow
& David: Milky Mauve (my Nana likes him the best! lol)

Brand New fafi makeup bag to keep in your purse!!
aww I'm so sweet right??? So join the contest damnit! haha


Saimese said...

Love the look & the mehron swatches look so good!

Jasmin said...

Love the makeup & colors.. They look awesome !

ChyiX2 said...

I'll join, just haven't had time to whip together a look. I'll get on it this weekend.

Stephanie said...

lol, I'd like to join too, just haven't decided what I want to do yet!

Also, you have so much makeup!! lol, you will spend $$ on makeup, but not any on DSK bling?!!? sighhhh

But I still love you!


Whitney & the full effect said...


please don't hate me lol i bought makeup from yoooouuu!!!

izumi said...

i'm going to join! i promiseeee.. just been so busy T__T and will be busy until.. next friday. wahh..

when does your contest end? so i can set a deadline for myself..

those are amazing colors! and i LOOOOVE that fotd.. dior palette to die for :)

Whitney & the full effect said...

Contest ends April 25th ladies. come on i wanna see what spice names you all come up with!!

wuzzyangel said...

Awww at your "big sad face"! You're gonna get lots of entries I know it!!

I love this neutral look you got goin on today girl! Sexy and natural at the same time! :)

Wowwee!! Thanks for all the swatchies!! Your arm is like the neverending rainbow! ;)

*about the swap thing. 1 girl kinda ruined the trip for a lot of peeps. She was re-gifting & not sending her end out, not sending what was agreed upon, etc.
But Swapping is fun and a great way to try out new stuff while getting rid of your stuff you don't use. I hope you swap one day!

LipStick Staiin said...

wow those r some nice as swatches! colors r sooOooo rich and vibrant! anyways im addin u to my private blog.. k.i.t!

Shizznizzle said...

Bahahahaa MUWAH to you too, daaahling!!! Your swatches look so fab...aren't they the shit? so vibrant & pretty colors. Anyway I love the UD Matte shadows, the quality is close to MUFE's =)

Thanks, Whit!!!

Katrina said...

your eye makeup is gorgeous!! :) and wow those swatches are really pigmented and it looks great! and the glosses are jus weird with men pictures. lol.

Sarah said...

Wow, fantastic post! These colours look amazing! I love the Dior Parisian lights, it looks gorgeous on you!!!!! I gotta get my act together and do a look for your contest, I have atleast decided on a Spice Girl so that's a start right :p

Cris said...

I'd love to try your contest, but your rules say that I have to subscribe to your YouTube, and I don't have (and won't make :-P) an account, so I can't :(.

Oh, and that Mehron palette...DAMN. Lucky you. Those swatches are amazing <3.

Sarah said...

P.S. I tagged you for a survey thing! Check out my blog for the details : )

Anonymous said...

OH My that mehron palette looks amzing!! i want one!! honey i will be joining ur contest!! i can't believe blogger is not updating u for me. boooo!! i totally missed out on your posts!! anywho...i love spice girls!! my inspiration would have to Scary Spice she is my favorite!!!

Chrissy said...


♥ Nehs ♥ said...

OMG! look at that palette, it looks amazing!