Lavshuca, Kate, & Silky Girl

Okay, so I am a huge fan, and I always read Rouge DeluxeFuzkittie, & Lotus Palace- they have amazing reviews on Asian-Cosmetics... and I am always DYING to try them. 

I got my first Asian-Cosmetic brand eye palette- Lavshuca- wow, this thing is SMALL!! lol I thought it would be bigger, after seeing it in other blogs! The color is BR-1.  

I also got a brand new Kate Gel Liner- wow, this stuff stays on!!!! The color is BK-3 and the pictures do not do it justice- it's a shimmery/sparkly black. The brush is, eh.. But it's a wonderful product!

Also included is a Silky Girl blush- it's super pretty and smooth and SILKY lol!


GiGi said...

The liner looks promising. Can you review it after a while?

izumi said...

asian palettes are.. asian sized, LOL. that's all that i can really say about it. but they are great :D stupid overseas shipping though, blargh. glad to see you joining the crowd ;D tehee. oh! try the majolica majorca palettes.. about $14.99+$9.99 shipping ($3.00 for each extra).. i found mind off ebay. babysweetie7. they're niiiice~

pandablush said...

the lavshuva palettes looks pretty! =)

Whitney & the full effect said...

sure thing gigi!!!

SparklesandBows said...

This stuff looks fab :D
Thanks for the post!

Whitney & the full effect said...

izumi- check out my new post-i got my first majolica majorca palette! yippeee