FOTD using Kate Glamtrick Eyes in BR-2

Yay I love this palette- oh and here's the Hawaiian Tropic self-tanning shit I used- is it too orangey? Let me know.

Oh and I used my new Sony CP  B&C Makemania Fullaura Eyebrow Pencil- long ass name man!! This stuff is the shit. Try it. Only 9.95 son!

Cheeks: MAC Grand Duo Mineralize Blush & Shell CCB for highlighting
Foundation: Revlon skinlights tinted moisturizer (discontinued) mixed with MUFE HD foundation


Krystallia said...

You look great!!!Lot of pictures,lol!!!

izumi said...

daaaang girl when you take pics, YOU TAKE PICS! hahaha :) love it. it doesn't look too orange with flash but the one without flash does look a bit orangey. but it could just be your whitebalance. VAVA-VOOM tan! i love it :) makes me jealous! i wanna go to the beach! darn school..

Sassy J'adore said...

Hey girl, I wanted to drop by and say Hi! Ur page rocks! Theres so many swatches and everything. =) Luv the makeup and pink blush color looks great. =)

pandablush said...

Hi pretty!
Thank you! Haha my blog intro.. sucks! Im not used to recording myself that's why =( Sigh..
Anyways you look so pretty in this mac blush! I love the color! Its kinda shimmery right? I was thinking to buy a blush.. Just want an alternation i guess. I never bought blush from mac before.. =D I guess i will go to mac to buy a natural blush =D.

yeah i feel at the first times i use the ita brush it kinda sheds a lot (on my cheek lol) but after tht no more? =D i will be careful thank you ^^

because of u i wanna buy me some kate palettes too~ hehe

Anonymous said...

thanks for checking out my blog. i think your skin looks like it has a healthy glow, not orangey at all.

Whitney & the full effect said...

hey krystallia- i take tons of freakin pictures then i can't choose- so i post 'em all! haha

izumi- i appreciate your honesty! lol
why not bring school to the beach? studying at the beach sounds nice- haha

hey sassy jadore! you are so gorgeous! thanks for reading hun!

Ladyfei- let me know if you need a few suggestions of a good natural MAC blusher. :)

spankadelic- thank YOU for checking out my blog!! :)

Tali said...

I love it!!!!!!

Especially the outer corners of the eyes.. its perfection!

mac-artist-lalia said...

thas hot :)

Gracie said...

Woo hoo!!! Fab boobies are back!!!

Lovely make up Whitz! As ever!!!

Janice said...

oh i love your hair! and i wish my eyelashes looked like yours..i'm so jealous lol