Drag Queen Makeup Contest

Ohhhhh SIGHHH!

I look soooo ugly- I did this last night at like Midnight and I was soo tired... I rushed because I wanted to get my contest entry in time! Sorry I didn't have a drag-like ensemble. And my hurr wasn't did- but shoot this was actually a hard look to do man! Seriously, I give Mimi of Beauty is Androgynous some MAJOR PROPS for creating this contest!! 

I actually don't even think I'll win, because I look a HOTT MESS son! 
haha! but it was fun!!!

oh and the mustache-aficionado, is because I am woman that is trying to dress like a man who is trying to look like a woman--- catch my drift? If not re-read the last sentence. lol

READERS BEWARE- it's scary!!! 


fuzkittie said...

Haha, that's pretty awesome. I like the mustache.

izumi said...

the moustache is pretty awesome :) i like the vibrant blues! good luck on the contest, i think you did a great job for being tired, haha.

btw i absolutely LOVE your banner. smoooookin'!

Anonymous said...

glitter and mustache!! i love it!!!

Yas said...

Incredible job sweety! You do some crazy hot looks babe! ;)

paperdollrevenge said...

Good luck on the contest! I like the glitter and lashes!