Another Asian Brand Cosmetic Hauling

So I have this little obsession with Asian-Brand Cosmetics... and I just cannot get enough. 
I've been doing my research, on the best prices, bla bla bla...
and I found an ebay member who charged me a flat fee of shipping and handling: USD$12.
I know that seems like alot, but I asked around (singapore and hong kong) and this seller has the best rates and the best prices of products and combined shipping.
If you're interested, go to here.

I have never tried a Shu-curler and of course I hear rave reviews on them. But I searched through some blogs and you-tube vids and I found that the Shiseido eyelash curler work just about the same and costs less!!

Shiseido Eyelash Curler 213
Price: $11.95

I don't even know what this says!! ahhhh

Sony CP B&C Makemania Fullaura Eyebrow Pencil - Ultra Sharp
Price: $9.95

It's retractable, so you can screw it to go down or up (no cap needed!)
This is by far, the sharpest/thinest eyebrow pencil I have EVER seen!!!! wowwww
I can't wait to use this baby.

Top: Kanebo Kate Liquid Eyebrow Pen - BR-1 (Natural Brown)
Price: $11.45 
Bottom: Kanebo Kate Super Sharp Liquid Eyeliner 0.7ml - Highly Black
Price: GBP8.75 or USD$12.95

the two stripes on top are the Kate Liquid Eyebrow Liner- it's a very warm color- not too universal- but we'll see how it works :)

This is the Kate Super Slim Eye Pencil (I think I read on Lotus Palace that this is her fav)- so I had to give it a shot.


On two of the palettes, there was a security-bar-tag or whatever you call them, and it totally ripped off the label on palette!! :(

Kanebo Kate Glamtrick Eye Shadow eyeshadow Brown BR-2
Price: $14.95

Ooopsies I didn't know this was a creamy-texture in the corner!! haha

Kanebo Kate Glamtrick Eye Shadow eyeshadow Black BK-1
Price: $14.95

damn security tag/sticker.thingy-majigger

Kanebo Kate Deep Eyes Eye Shadow Palette - Brown BR-1
Price: $14.95

Shiseido Majolica Majorca MJ Majolook Eye Shadow BR799
Price: $18.95

LOVE the highlighter on this thing- it reminds me of a more sheer, mac cream colour base in Luna.


eki said...

very nice Japanese cosmetic haul~!! XD Im jealous hehe

Sonya said...

Wow I really like everything you got. I wonder how the Shiseido eyelash curler compares to the Shu Uemura....

LoveLipstickandLime said...

I really like Kanebo products. Good haul, you are going to have to let me know how you get on with the eyebrow pencil, it looks interesting. which ebay seller did u get the eyebrow pencil from? if u don't mind me asking.

Anonymous said...

check u out w/them japanese products!! i am drooling as i type!! hehehe

Whitney & the full effect said...

Hey LoveLipstickandLime, I got everything from alphabeautyuk- i put the link up in the beginning of the post so check it out hun :)

ekimura- thanks baby!

sonya- i really wish i had the shu uemera curler- lol so i can do a review- :(

katrina- lol this is like my first big japanese haul so it's a surreal experience for me- lol as cheezy as it sounds!!

izumi said...

ooooo nice haul :DD i loveee it! those palettes are amazing looking<3 i have br799, SO PRETTY ehh? hahaha. also got br788 (cool tone browns).. and GR750 (really unique set of colors). i loooove love them and want to get more.. darn overseas shipping!

Unknown said...

Wow I didnt know Kanebo has makeup. Theyre known for their skin whitening soap. I should know coz my aunt uses it every freakin day :)