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This peeling gel is super drying to the skin- so I use it in areas I produce the most oil (my T-zone)

These wipes have a STRONG scent of alcohol, so obviously, they shouldn't be used for removing EYE makeup.
However, I was satisfied with the removal of face makeup.

I like how these turn black when the oil on your face touches them- it's more reassuring- knowing just how much oil is being blotted off of your skin...

This peeling gel is my favorite (so far)- it's a real GEL substance and it balls up when the skin begins to flake off- pretty cool stuff

NARS BLUSH- "Super Orgasm"- I've been wearing this everyday since I got it! I am IN LOVE!! The big chunks of glitter fade away and it leaves me with a peachy-pink color that literally lasts ALL DAY!
NARS EYESHADOW DUO- "Bohemian Gold"- thanks to Anne (yummiebitez), I got this and LOVE it! If you're a sucker for MAC's "motif" e/s, then definitely get your hands on this NARS duo.
NARS LIPGLOSS- "Turkish Delight"- I'm a sucker for milky-pink, nude lips- and this does the job better than any other gloss!!! AHHHH I LOVE THIS GLOSS!
(left to right)
turkish delight gloss, super orgasm blush, bohemian gold duo e/s

I've been wanting to try Laura Mercier's Tinted Moisturizer FOR-EVERRRR!! 
I LOVE the coverage- however, when I showed up to work wearing this, one of my fellow employees commented on my "natural" face- telling me they could still see my freckles and it didn't look like I was wearing foundation- so for more coverage, I put on the studio fix powder (by mac).
Color: Nude

Bobbi Brown Haul

This is a product that is messy- why the hell do they put a product like this in a jar!? It'd be so much easier in a tube- I am going to most likely return this, just for this reason alone! (p.s. the product's great though).
Does exactly what it's called TINTED EYE BRIGHTENER

Then I got myself a couple more Gel Liners (BB gel liners are AMAZINGGGG).

REFLECT GLITTER MANIA- love this sheeet


sorry, my eyelash adhesive (glue) hadn't dried all the way when I took these pics...

another look, using REFLECTS BRONZE...

I have always been a huge fan of MAC REFLECTS GLITTERS- they are so unique and vibrant, yet they can easily be applied subtly- or you can mix them to create different effects! Way cool.


DesignISTA said...

i loveee your eyelashes im jealous! :(

donnarence said...

WOW!!(jaw drops) i love love love these 2 eotd!!super! :D