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six weird things/habits/quirks from meeeeeee...

one :: i have an anxiety disorder (agoraphobia), so my anxiety is like that of a light switch- it turns on at any moment and I take pills to calm me down (i know it's kinda depressing- but it's a quirky thing i go through EVERY day)

two :: i collect makeup- just like how some collect coins, shoes, or whatever- so much makeup that i don't even use- i just have to have it- i guess it's a TRUE addiction- that has, previously, gotten me into financial trouble.

three :: i smoke. yes. it's bad. it calms my anxiety. yes it's gross and wrong, but i have oral fixations (i also bite my nails! so nasty- i know, but i do).

four :: i have insomnia, i have a hard hard hard time falling asleep- however, when i fall asleep, i STAY asleep- so i'm a heavy sleeper

five :: I have had SEVERE EMETOPHOBIA since the age of 9. I hate talking about it, but please click the link to learn more. It sounds strange to many people, but it's the 5th most common phobia! It's something I live with and think about and FEAR every single day. (i probably sound like a wacko to you all!)

six :: i have the WORST PMS!!! shit! I get soooo defensive, and snappy, and soooooooo freakin emotional!!! I have to use my birth control in special ways (i.e. i skip the placebo pills and start up a new pack- except, I'm on the Nuva Ring so I just change it out every month instead of taking i out the last week of the month- hard to explain- i understand if you're completely confused) so that I don't have a period- it's perfectly fine and safe (alot of women freak out and think it's bad for the body- but plenty of women have been doing this for years- and research shows it's just fine)... My body tells me when I need to have a period and I'll have one (usually, once every four months).

so pretty much those are deep issues/details of my life- lol

i can't believe i just exposed them to you all! 

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Anonymous said...

Hi! I've been reading your blog for a while, and I can't believe i'm writing for the first time to mention something so...disagreeable and awkward...emetphobia!?!?!?!
I thought i was the only "phycho" in the world to have it, and I didn't know it even had a name! I'm 32 and I haven't puked since 10! Can you believe that? And Im totally terrified of being around people who are sick! i think you know what I mean!

Well, I love your blog, make up and swatches too, but i had to comment on that!
Good luck with your family!