Dear God...

Dear God,

I pray for you to let my grandpa go peacefully, without pain. 
I pray to keep my family safe and comforted, everyone is having such a hard time dealing with this.
I pray that you keep me strong, through this difficult time in my life.
I lost my job, but I have not lost who I am . I will stay strong and I pray you help me to keep going and to keep trying.
Also, God, I pray that you give my Grandma strength. She is strong, but she will need your strength when you take my Grandpa.

"Life is like the Ocean's tides. They Flow, and then they ebb."-Michelle

EDIT: Test results came back, my Dad's cancer hasn't spread- he goes in for surgery on April 8th. 
Grandpa, is out of the hospital, and taking it day by day... I love you Grandpa.
Also, I have a new job now, so things happen for a reason... I truly believe that.

Dear God,
I pray that you keep my Daddy safe through his surgery. 
I pray that you make the cancer go away and to never ever return, so that he may live a long and healthy life.
My Daddy is an amazing man, father, teacher, husband, coach... He touches so many people's lives.
I am so proud of him, God. I am so blessed to have a Daddy like him.


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