Classy Minerals (swatches)

All Shadows are listed from LEFT TO RIGHT/TOP TO BOTTOM

Sunstone, Bubbly

Shimmering Sands, Barely Nude

Pink Twinkle, Fushia Fusion

Opal Beige, Bubblegum

Cotton Candy, Cosmic Pink

Coral Reef, Antiquity 

Angel Wings

Matte Coffee

Salmon Shimmer

Aruban Coral

Angel Wings, Matte Coffee, Salmon Shimmer, Aruban Coral


Tracy Roa said...

hello. =) i really like your blog. great job on the swatches! i'll definitely check back here when i get around to shopping for more minerals. hehe. mind if i link you?

Whitney & the full effect said...

hey hun!!! yes please do link me and i will do the same- also, i am new at this blogspot thing- because i was previously blogging on vox. so bare with me! lol i'll be posting tons of stuff from my other blog onto here- so follow me- and keep reading! xoxo